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The City of No Limits

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The City of No Limits

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What's it About

When Victor (Sbaraglia) arrives in Paris to join his family for his father's imminent passing, he expects a quiet, mournful trip. Instead, he finds his beloved dad Max (Gómez) still very much alive: the old man is angry about being kept prisoner” against his will, and obsessed with finding someone or something named Rancel.” The rest of the family, convinced the elderly patriarch has gone quite mad, pays him little attention, focusing instead on selling his massive pharmaceutical company before he dies. Against the wishes of his mother Marie (an icy Chaplin), Victor begins investigating... and uncovers a secret that will change his family forever.

Why we love it

"The City of No Limits" delivers a dense psychological drama with enough secrets, lies and hidden passions to keep mystery fans glued to the screen. Director Hernández expertly maintains the forward momentum of a great mystery, while coaxing nicely layered turns from his cast. Gómez and the younger Sbaraglia make for an appealing team of pseudo-sleuths, while Chaplin's matriarch provides forceful dramatic counterweight as the forbidding gatekeeper of old family skeletons. And just wait for that devastating finish — you won't see it coming!

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