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The Children of Theatre Street

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The Children of Theatre Street

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What's it About

Princess Grace of Monaco narrates this intimate look at the world's most famous school of dance, the Kirov Ballet School in Leningrad/St. Petersburg, and the young children who dedicate their minds and bodies to the rigorous training required to master classical 19th-century techniques. Peering into the corridors and classrooms of this illustrious institution, we glimpse the hopes, fears, and heartaches of three fledgling professional dancers and their instructors, many of whom are former ballet stars themselves. We also learn about the grand tradition of the school itself, which matriculated Nijinsky, Nureyev, and many other notables.

Why we love it

This candid, lovingly made 1977 tribute to the Kirov strivers who make big sacrifices to attend the legendary training ground of Balanchine is a sheer delight, both aesthetically and narratively, letting us peer into a highly disciplined world of pure art where expectations are high and the weight of tradition almost oppressive. With Grace Kelly's warm, vivid narration providing the context and translations, we watch as twenty students out of a thousand are carefully selected according to predetermined physical requirements, and then spend close to a decade mastering their dance skills. You can't help but feel the anxiety and excitement as you watch one graduating ballerina make her heart-fluttering debut on the Kirov stage after months of punishing practice. "Street" is a tremendously enjoyable, behind-the-scenes look at greatness in the making.