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The Celebration

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The Celebration

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What's it About

The affluent Klingenfeldt family decides to hold a large, lavish celebration to mark the sixtieth birthday of family patriarch Helge (Moritzen). At first, it looks like a party we'd all like to attend. Yet Helge's younger son Christian (Thomsen) appears tense. Eventually, the younger man uses the occasion to reveal some dark family secrets from his childhood. Though the mood is slightly spoiled, the party's far from over.

Why we love it

Unlike anything you've seen, this stinging parable about the facades of respectability and the ugly frailties they hide is one disturbing, skin-crawling ride. Shot in semi-documentary style, the viewer feels like just another guest who can't escape the room. Most striking is how Christian's revelations about his father are never fully acknowledged by the group. Don't miss this daring, creepy, highly original drama, which has much to say about the human capacity for avoidance and suppression.

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