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The Case Against 8

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The Case Against 8

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What's it About

In 2008 the State of California voted on Proposition 8, an amendment banning same-sex marriage. It passed even as Barack Obama was being voted into office. In 2009 the American Foundation for Equal Rights filed suit on behalf of two gay couples challenging its constitutionality. In a most surprising turn, AFER hired lawyers Boies and Olson to take up the case, two attorneys who had been on opposite sides in the heated Bush vs. Gore case of 2000.

Why we love it

Filmed over four years, this prize-winning film takes a comprehensive look at the arduous process to overturn Prop 8.  The plaintiffs open up to the cameras as they prepare to face the court and public opinion; their stable lives and deep commitment making the case for affirmation. Though we know the outcome in advance, directors Cotner and White manage to create a gripping documentary which proves that every once in a while, justice can prevail!

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