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The Cakemaker

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The Cakemaker

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What's it About

When traveling Israeli businessman Oren (Miller) walks into a small café in Berlin, he falls for gay baker Thomas (Kalkhof), and soon they start an illicit relationship. Despite Oren being a married father, they spend time together during his frequent work visits. When Thomas doesn’t hear from Oren for several weeks, he investigates and makes an alarming discovery. He then travels to Jerusalem and seemingly by chance, meets Oren’s wife (Adler) who is unaware of his connection to her husband. Soon a bond between them forms. How will this dense web untangle itself?

Why we love it

Small gestures, freighted silences and deep emotions permeate this delicate love story, punctuated with loving preparation of mouthwatering patisseries. Kalkhof, playing a character whose predicament is clearly untenable, lets his mournful gaze speak volumes, while Adler is nothing short of incredible as a conflicted, disoriented woman pulled in too many directions. First time director Graizer evokes the beauty and flavor of Berlin, serving up a subtle, affecting drama that sticks with you.

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