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The Americanization of Emily

The Americanization of Emily Poster
The Americanization of Emily Poster





The Americanization of Emily

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What's it About

Officer Charlie Madison (Garner) has a dream job in World War II catering to the luxurious needs of a two-star admiral (Douglas). He advocates for cowardice and survival, but when he meets Emily Barham (Andrews), a principled English war widow, she challenges his self-serving outlook. The two still fall helplessly in love, but will the war keep them together or split them up?

Why we love it

Written by the gifted Paddy Chayefsky, this is one of the sharper anti-war satires out there. Both leads are solid, with Andrews particularly impressive in her first non-singing role. Veterans Douglas and James Coburn (as Charlie's womanizing fellow officer) almost steal the movie, however. Fall in love with "Emily," a touching and engrossing film with something to say.