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Tales of the Night

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Tales of the Night

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What's it About

In a Paris movie theater, an older man helps two young people conceive of ideas to turn into short stories. With the help of a magic computer that creates backgrounds and costumes, the two players act out 6 fairy-tales that take place all over the world. From the Caribbean to Africa to an ancient Aztec kingdom, fables of princesses, dragons, werewolves and sorcerers unfold in striking, simple animation.

Why we love it

Veteran animator Ocelot achieves surprising detail and emotional depth by contrasting intricate silhouetted figures against colorful imagery of different lands and cultures. The fairy-tales draw on classic themes of right and wrong, good and evil while providing a window into past ages or distant lands. Harkening back to traditional shadow puppet theater, as well as British pantomime, this whimsical, childlike compendium is a joy for all ages.

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