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Suspiria Poster
Released Runtime Category
1977 98 Horror
Director Language
Dario Argento Italian
Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Flavio Bucci, Udo Kier


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What's it About

Aspiring dancer Suzy Banyon (Harper) arrives at a European ballet school where she quickly senses more than a touch of the supernatural. Soon a series of ghoulish crimes confirms Suzy's worst fears and she must try to escape. But will she live long enough to even make an attempt?

Why we love it

Genuine chills and mayhem aplenty from shock-meister Dario Argento, "Suspiria" is anything but subtle, with some obvious dubbing work likely to cause some opening nervous chuckles. But you won't be laughing for long, as initial eeriness quickly segues to sheer terror, with some extremely gory, over-the-top set pieces you won’'t soon forget. Look for old Hollywood star Joan Bennett in her last film role as the head of the ballet school. Without question, Argento'’s finest and creepiest hour.  

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