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Sunset Story

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Sunset Story

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What's it About

Gabbert's poignant film profiles two women, retired special-ed teacher Irja Lloyd and her best friend, social worker Lucille Alpert, shortly after they’ve taken up residence in Sunset Hall, a retirement home for political progressives in Los Angeles. Intelligent and opinionated, these aging liberals attend rallies together, register voters, and pointedly discuss religion, politics, sex, and women’s rights. Together, they also face the hardships of growing old with humor and dignity.

Why we love it

An intimate and often amusing story of friendship and frailty, this documentary works best at portraying two elderly women, 81 and 95 respectively, whose vitality and sharp insights about life belie their age and deteriorating physical condition. Irja, the wheelchair-bound optimist, can only chuckle at the ailing Lucille's more cynical attitudes, and that yin-yang dynamic fuels their special camaraderie. Spending time in their free-thinking company is a joy and a tremendous inspiration. 

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