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Sugar Cane Alley

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Sugar Cane Alley

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What's it About

In the 1930's, young Jose (Cadenat) lives with hard-working grandmother M'man Tine (Legitimus) on a sugar plantation on the Carribean island of Martinique. Jose is unusually bright, and his beloved M'man is determined to help Jose avoid a future in the sugar cane fields. His only hope lies in winning a scholarship to attend school in the city. Can Jose escape the cycle of poverty he was born into?

Why we love it

Euzhan Palcy's warm, deeply felt film about mentorship and sacrifice is a life-affirming experience, and springs from autobiographical roots. Palcy recreates the plantation life with a keen sense of balance, offsetting the squalid conditions of workers with an authentic feeling of community and the innocence of childhood. All the central players are superb, particularly Cadenat and Legitimus. Another hidden gem.