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    Since Otar Left

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    Since Otar Left

    What's it About

    Octogenarian Eka (Gorintin) is living out a humble existence with her daughter Marina (Khomasuridze) and granddaughter Ada (Droukarova) in former Soviet Georgia. Her only real joy is found in the letters which periodically arrive from her beloved son Otar, who works in Paris. When Otar's letters stop coming and Marina learns why, she must decide how — and whether — to break the news to her fragile mother.

    Why we love it

    This touching film speaks to the irrational ties of familial loyalty that even a lifetime of hurt won't extinguish. With warmth and subtlety, it details how the younger generation of women protect the health and well-being of the eldest through the kindest of deceptions. Though consumed by long-simmering resentment over Eka's favoritism toward her only son, Marina still makes an unselfish choice to shield Eka from hurt. "Otar" is a life-affirming gem, with all three actresses superb in the central roles — particularly Gorintin, who will break your heart as Eka.