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What's it About

After carousing at a friend's bachelor party one night, Bangkok-based photographer Tun (Everingham) is driving home with his girlfriend, Jane (Thongmee). In the blink of an eye, their car strikes a young woman in the road and crashes into a billboard. Seeing the girl's body lying lifeless on the pavement, a panicked Tun tells Jane to drive off. Afterwards, Jane suffers horrific dreams and Tun notices eerie spirit images appearing in his photographs. Are they being haunted by their victim?

Why we love it

It would be a crime to give away too much about this unnerving Polaroid chiller from Thailand, but suffice it to say that director Pisanthanakun packs a lot of darkroom scares and surprising twists into his hair-raising ghost story. As always with great horror flicks, there is a back story to the hideous girl-ghoul in question, and Pisanthanakun wrings it for every nitrate drop of point-and-shoot drama. Crisply edited and thoughtfully conceived, "Shutter" offers a lot more than cheap, pulse-pounding gotcha moments. Say cheese!  

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