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She Said

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What's it About

Fact-based drama recreates the journalistic odyssey of New York Times reporters Megan Twohey (Mulligan) and Jodi Kantor (Kazan), as they gradually uncover an explosive secret hiding in plain sight: movie titan Harvey Weinstein’s repeated assaults on women. Encouraged by seasoned editor Rebecca Corbett (Clarkson), they doggedly persevere through all obstacles. Ultimately, their work ensures accountability for Weinstein and a measure of justice for his victims, helping inspire the broader “Me Too” movement.

Why we love it

We know how this story turns out, so wisely Schrader’s film focuses on the process and players that achieved the result, acknowledging the importance of fate and timing. Piece by piece, we see how this long-overdue investigation evolved, and what allowed it to bear fruit. Real-life pals Mulligan and Kazan share solid chemistry as two determined reporters thrown together almost by chance. Clarkson is ideally cast as the cool, steely Corbett, and the late Andre Braugher also registers as top Times editor Dean Baquet. Highlight: Weinstein victim Ashley Judd playing herself. “She Said” delivers a riveting, suspenseful tale depicting journalism at its best.