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Seventh Heaven

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Seventh Heaven

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What's it About

Mathilde (Kiberlain) seems to have it all — great job, successful husband Nico (Lindon), and doting young son —yet something is clearly wrong. She dreads socializing, faints without warning, and seems drawn to self-destructive behaviors (namely, kleptomania). She can barely drag herself to work, and is so wound up she is incapable of sexual pleasure. After a chance encounter and subsequent sessions with a hypnotherapist (Berleand), Mathilde is transformed for the better, much to the surprise of Nico, who suddenly finds he is the one feeling troubled. When Nico starts searching for his wife's hypnotist, he finds things may be even more mysterious than he imagined.

Why we love it

This winning psychosexual puzzler captures the oppressive feeling of marital ennui with piercing accuracy. Leads Kiberlain and Lindon (who married the year the film was made) bring nuance and believability to this subtle yet precarious marital dance. As the sense of unease in the film transfers from wife to husband, director Jacquot gently shifts the point of view from Mathilde to Nico, letting the audience in on his equally fraught, complex perspective. Completing this fascinating triangle, veteran actor Berleand exudes a proper air of authority (and a touch of mystery) as the shrink. Claustrophobic atmosphere, sharp dialogue, and subtle twists and turns all combine to create one heavenly thriller.