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Seven Chances

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Seven Chances

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What's it About

Lawyer Jimmie Shannon (Keaton) stands to inherit $7 million if he can find himself a wife— by 7 p.m. the same day. When his longtime love interest Mary (Dwyer) turns him down, thinking he only wants her now because of the money, and his pal Billy Meekin (Barnes) prints a news item on his need for nuptials, Shannon's pursued by a gaggle of gold-digging, would-be brides through the streets of Los Angeles.

Why we love it

Comic genius Buster Keaton directed this hilarious feature, which includes one of the all-time-great chase scenes from movies of the silent era: you'll laugh yourself silly watching Keaton try to evade a crush of determined women —and giant boulders. Other surreal touches — like —a turtle that somehow clamps onto his tie, for instance — —are pure Keatonesque delights. Also included in the latest DVD edition are two shorts, "Neighbors"” and "The Balloonatic,"” that underscore Keaton's loony talent in a more concentrated form.