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Secret Sunshine

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Secret Sunshine

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What's it About

After her husband's untimely death, a gentle piano teacher, Shin-ae (Jeon), moves with their young son, Jun (Seon), to the small rural town where her husband was born. She begins giving music lessons to local children and gradually their lives return to normal. Then one day, without warning, a shocking turn of events leaves Shin-ae shattered and adrift. She begins searching for solace in all the wrong places, and we wonder whether Shin-ae can maintain her fragile hold on sanity.

Why we love it

Don't let the sunny-sounding title fool you — this psychological thriller is one intense ride. Jeon Do-yeon was awarded the Best Actress Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for an astonishing performance as a fragile young woman hit with a one-two punch. Director Lee Chang-dong, one of the foremost practitioners of South Korea's cinematic New Wave”, creates a palpable sense of foreboding and dread that keeps us glued. Don't keep this stunning, artful crime tale a secret.