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Safe Conduct

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Safe Conduct

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What's it About

Set during the Nazi occupation of France, this film puts us in the center of the chaotic, painstaking process of making movies, an effort rendered even more challenging by the presence of an enemy whose central doctrine discounts free artistic expression. These filmmakers (played to perfection by Gamblin and Podalydes) must deal with their German overseers to get their movie made, while risking their lives secretly aiding the resistance. Their authentic courage is more compelling than any hero they could manufacture on-screen.

Why we love it

If you like movies about movies, this one delivers the goods and so much more. Literate, atmospheric and thoroughly believable, "Safe Conduct" portrays the many small, quiet acts of bravery undertaken throughout occupied France, weaving an inspiring story about the necessity of art, even in the midst of insanity and war. Another Tavernier triumph, not to be missed.

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