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Rosa's Wedding

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Rosa's Wedding

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What's it About

About to turn 45, Rosa (Pena) realizes her life is not her own. She is constantly catering to her family, including selfish siblings Violeta (Poza) and Armando (Lopez), as well as needy father Antonio (Barea).. Meanwhile Rosa’s grown daughter Lidia (Usero) has no time for her, as she’s saddled with infant twin sons and a husband who’s never there. Fed up, Rosa resolves to start anew and plans an unusual act of self-love, mainly to get the attention of her distracted, dysfunctional family. Will her nearest and dearest finally get the point?

Why we love it

Bollain’s comedy soars thanks to a funny, achingly human script, brought to life by an inspired ensemble of comic actors. Star Pena makes us admire and root for Rosa, who’s put herself in an untenable position and is determined to fix it. Among the supporting players, Poza is particularly endearing as lonely, alcoholic Violeta, and Lopez is a hoot as Armando, who has impulse and control issues. The film’s tone manages to stay lighthearted while never shying away from the real problems of its flawed characters. By all means, attend these nuptials!

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