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Rosemary's Baby

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Rosemary's Baby

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What's it About

New York's famous Dakota apartment building houses a modern-day witches' coven with designs on the unborn child of a young housewife (Farrow). Is sweet Rosemary really carrying the spawn of the Devil inside her? The more she begins to believe it, the more others doubt her. Even husband Guy (Cassavetes) seems dubious; but then again, whose side is he on?

Why we love it

Polanski's paranoic, demonic tale builds gradually to a bizarre and shocking climax, but more than the half the fun is getting there. Farrow is the embodiment of vulnerability as Rosemary, while Cassavetes scores in a rare mainstream role as her (seemingly) soothing spouse. Beyond the pungent Manhattan atmosphere and evocative shots of the Dakota, its that sterling supporting cast of seniors that puts this film over, including Oscar-winner Ruth Gordon, Ralph Bellamy, and Sidney Blackmer. A cult classic, and deservedly so. Look for a young Charles Grodin playing a doctor in a pivotal scene.

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