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    Right Now, Wrong Then

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    Right Now, Wrong Then

    What's it About

    Changing perspective is the hallmark of Hong’s work, and this quiet gem juxtaposes contrasting actions and emotional beats within two structurally linear halves. Using a combination of static shots and the occasional zoom, Hong presents the two scenarios without judgement; even the title card is reversed at the half way mark. The actors display subtle differences in delivery without altering their essence, delivering a bitter-sweet, sometimes comic look at sexual dynamics.

    Why we love it

    Film director Ham Chun-su (Jung) comes to the Suwon Film Festival for a screening of his latest work. With a day to kill, he visits an ancient palace and meets Hee-jung (Kim), a young, pretty painter. They spend the day together, ending up at her friend’s house and drinking too much. Suddenly, the events of the day start over, but this time things play out with slight variations, and a very different tone.

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