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Reality Winner (Sweeney) is a twenty-five-year old intelligence analyst living in Georgia in 2017. One day, two FBI agents (Hamilton and Davis appear at her door and begin questioning her. They also produce a warrant to search her home. Reality does her best to stay calm, appearing most concerned about the welfare of her pets. Yet under this placid surface, we sense she’s hiding something and may be in deep trouble.

Why we love it

Based on a real life case where Winner was arrested for leaking a classified document detailing Russian interference in the 2016 election, here director Satter adapts her own play to the screen, with the script following the transcript of the actual interrogation as it happened. The conceit works, largely thanks to Sweeney’s perfectly calibrated performance. She’s a young woman struggling to maintain control, knowing exactly why these two imposing men are there and what it could mean for her. The tension pops right off the screen. For a tight, spare cat-and-mouse thriller you won’t soon forget, face “Reality.”

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