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In 1956, Ruth Bader Ginsburg enrolled at Harvard Law School, one of 9 women among 500 men. While raising children and caring for her sick husband Marty, she made the Harvard Law Review. After a stellar career as a law professor and with the ACLU, President Clinton nominated her to the Supreme Court of the United States. She was confirmed in 1993, becoming only the second woman to serve in such a capacity. Her decisions over a quarter century on our country’s highest court reflect her ongoing commitment to fairness, justice, and equality.

Why we love it

As brisk and pithy as the Justice herself, this lively documentary covers Ginsburg’s life, from her upbringing in Brooklyn, to her loving marriage and current status as a pop culture icon. The film delves into her landmark cases on gender equality, demonstrating her invaluable, pioneering contribution to the cause of women’s rights. Even ideological adversaries speak of her with reverence and respect in this award-winning portrait of a brilliant mind and national treasure.