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Prodigal Sons

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Prodigal Sons

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What's it About

Filmmaker Reed, a transsexual woman, grew up as Paul McKerrow in a small Montana town with adopted brother Marc and biological brother Todd. While Paul was the family's golden boy — an excellent student and athlete — inside he struggled desperately with his gender. After becoming Kimberly, she moved away to make a new life; but she found herself haunted by her former, unhappy self and growing apart from her family, particularly older brother Marc, with whom she was always in competition. (Sadly, a serious brain injury has left Marc with violent, unpredictable mood swings). The film chronicles her return home, ostensibly to attend a reunion, but really to come to terms with her troubled brother and her own past.

Why we love it

This raw, honest film, offering equal measures of tragedy and hope, presents an achingly intimate tale of family dysfunction against a striking Montana backdrop. Reed bravely explores her own deep-seated fears and guilt, while letting her camera capture some wrenching, intense familial encounters. In relating her family's astonishing story, Reed provides valuable insight into the transgender experience, and an unflinching look at mental illness.

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