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Released Runtime Category
2008 108 Family
Director Language
Hayao Miyazaki Japanese
Cate Blanchett, Noah Lindsey Cyrus, Liam Neeson, Frankie Jonas


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What's it About

Rescued from a dredging net by 5-year-old Sosuke (Jonas), who lives on a seaside cliff with his family, charming red-scaled goldfish Ponyo (Cyrus) develops a curiosity for human life and a deep fondness for her new friend. Despite the efforts of her wizard father (Neeson) and sea-goddess mother (Blanchett) to keep her beneath the ocean, Ponyo transforms herself into a little girl and returns to Sosuke. But her magical metamorphosis begins to wreak havoc on the tides, upsetting Earth'’s fragile balance ... 

Why we love it

A fabulous, fantastical twist on Hans Christian Anderson’'s "The Little Mermaid", Miyazaki’'s "“Ponyo"” tells the story of an enchanting goldfish whose desire to become human unleashes a tsunami of ecological disturbances on a small Japanese port town. One of the world'’s foremost hand-drawn animation filmmakers, Miyazaki has an unfailing ear for the language of innocence and childlike yearning, often wrapped around a beautifully subtle message about nature'’s fragility. The surreal, delightfully eccentric poetry of his masterful set pieces in “"Ponyo”" will delight toddler-age tadpoles and big fish alike.  

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