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A typically average American family of four, including parents Steve and Diane (Nelson and Williams), moves into what seems like a normal suburban home, but soon a series of strange events makes it evident that a nasty paranormal presence is lurking about. And when that presence starts asserting itself even more — watch out!

Why we love it

Tobe Hooper's modern haunted house movie (scripted by Steven Spielberg) first creates a general feeling of unease, then unleashes a torrent of thrills and horror on its audience. Though slightly less raw than other modern spook-fests (it actually earned a PG rating), this entry still hits you where you live, recalling those vivid, terrifying nightmares of childhood. Among its solid cast, Beatrice Straight delivers a standout performance as a psychic. Highlights: the closet scene and the "little" lady who comes to clean. Brrrr! Not suitable for younger children. 

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