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M. Hulot (Tati), a Parisian bewildered by modern technology, spends one hectic morning attempting to keep an appointment with M. Giffard (Montant) in a towering, ultra-modern office building filled with automaton-like workers. Meanwhile, a group of American tourists including Barbara (Dennek) disembark at Orly airport and take a bus to their hotel. He and she eventually meet in the hustle and bustle of a glitzy, shimmering new supper club — once Hulot has navigated the whirring, humming cityscape that entraps him.

Why we love it

Preceded almost ten years earlier by "Mon Oncle," this marvelous French comedy continues the misadventures of Tati's Chaplin-esque everyman, M. Hulot. The most dazzling and technically accomplished of his films, "Playtime" is a light satire on the mesmerizing and disorienting effects of technology. Filmed in 70mm on a vast set — an extant metropolis that Parisians dubbed "Tati-ville" — "Playtime" is a jaw-dropping spectacle that certainly reflects the director's wistful regard for simpler times. Still, the carnival-like sequence in the nightclub and the symphonic traffic jam that close the film feel warm, fun, and somehow exquisitely human.

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