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One Hour With You

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One Hour With You

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What's it About

Wealthy Parisians Dr. Andre Bertier (Chevalier) and his wife Colette (MacDonald) are happily married.  But when Colette’s dearest friend Mitzi (Tobin) comes to visit, she makes it her business to seduce Andre and eventually he succumbs. At the same time, Colette is pursued by her husband’s adoring best man Adolph (Ruggles). When Mitzi’s cuckolded husband (Young) uncovers the affair, all seems lost. Can Andre and Colette’s marriage survive a little infidelity?

Why we love it

Lubitsch remade his own 1924 silent “The Marriage Circle” into this saucy dissection of love and desire, winning himself a Best Picture Oscar nod in the process. Reuniting Chevalier and MacDonald, the German born director achieves a sublime cocktail of romance, sex and song. Chevalier is outstanding, delivering several of his winking numbers to camera with full Gallic charm. Especially memorable is his enthusiastic rendering of “Oh, That Mitzi.” MacDonald also exudes a natural charm. “One Hour” is definitely time well-spent!