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One Sings, the Other Doesn't

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One Sings, the Other Doesn't

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What's it About

In 1962, 17 year-old Pauline (Mairesse) befriends Suzanne (Liotard) and helps her negotiate an unexpected tragedy. Their lives diverge but they keep in touch over the next 14 years. Pauline, who now goes by Pomme, joins a feminist singing group and travels the country. She falls in love with Darius (Raffi) and has a child. Meanwhile, Suzanne moves to her parents’ farm with her two young children before finding her feet and a career. The bonds between the women deepen as the years go by.

Why we love it

Director Varda, familiarly known as the mother of the New Wave, crafts a loving ode to sisterhood and solidarity among women. Avoiding didacticism or heavy-handed messaging, her light touch belies the serious themes going on beneath this beautifully acted drama. (Liotard and Mairesse have an easy, natural on-screen rapport, which carries the whole enterprise). Many songs, with words by Varda, pepper the soundtrack, which admittedly are very much of their time. By turns sweet and tangy, this French bon-bon from the late and justly revered Agnes Varda is definitely worth a look.

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