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Once Upon a Time in the West Poster
Released Runtime Category
1968 165 Westerns
Director Language
Sergio Leone English
Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, Frank Wolff, Keenan Wynn

Once Upon a Time in the West

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What's it About

Beautiful widow Jill McBain (Cardinale) inherits land through which a new railroad will pass, and the unscrupulous railroad brass hires a notorious killer (Fonda) to get her out of the way. Thank Goodness Harmonica (Bronson) and Cheyenne (Robards) are on hand to protect the lady... and also ready to settle some past scores with the assassin.

Why we love it

With due respect to director Leone's famous trilogy — the one that launched Clint Eastwood's career — this epic remains my favorite, boasting a complexity and assurance that benefit from the presence of two brilliant actors playing against type: Fonda and Robards. Bronson also turns in fine work, as does the exquisite Cardinale. Perfect fare for a rainy day.

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