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On the Town

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On the Town

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What's it About

In 1949, legendary MGM producer Arthur Freed introduced dancer Gene Kelly to a young director named Stanley Donen, and the two collaborated on this musical, chronicling three sailors' wisecracking, happy-go-lucky shore leave in New York City. They've got just one day to take in the world's greatest city, and it's not long before they find three girls to join them on their exuberant adventure.

Why we love it

This exhilarating musical comedy, featuring the fancy footwork and infectious crooning of GIs Kelly and Sinatra (respectively) perfectly captures the optimistic spirit that held sway in the post-World War II boom. Co-starring dancers Vera-Ellen and Ann Miller, "On the Town" was one of the first color films shot on location in Manhattan, and remains one of the grandest, liveliest Hollywood musicals ever made.