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On the Record

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In the early 1990s, Drew Dixon was a talented, up-and-coming executive in the hip-hop industry working for Russell Simmons’s Def-Jam Records. She loved her job and was great at it. Then a traumatic event derailed her life and career. It’s a painful secret Dixon has kept for over two decades: one night in 1995, she was lured to Simmons’s apartment where she claims he proceeded to rape her. The weight of this burden combined with the advent of the “Me Too” movement finally prompts her and several other women to come out publicly against Simmons in 2017. This is their story.

Why we love it

This important doc stirs fresh outrage by putting a human face on the scourge of sexual violence committed by powerful men with impunity. When it happens within the African-American community, it’s particularly fraught, since women of color historically rank near the bottom of society’s ladder, unempowered and unheard. Also, in solidarity they may shield their victimizers, due to the oppression black men have experienced in this country. Dixon grapples with it all, then follows her conscience, going up against powerful interests to achieve at least a measure of justice. Particularly uplifting are her interactions with fellow victims-turned-activists Judy Lumet and Sil Lai Abrams. Don’t miss this inspiring, thought-provoking film. 

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