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Old Yeller Poster
Released Runtime Category
1957 84 Family, Disney/Pixar
Director Language
Robert Stevenson English
Kevin Corcoran, Dorothy McGuire, Tommy Kirk, Fess Parker, Spike

Old Yeller

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What's it About

Young Travis Coates (Kirk) is left to hold down the family ranch with his mother (McGuire) and younger brother Arliss (Corcoran) while his dad (Parker) leaves on a cattle drive. A stray dog (Spike) shows up and soon endears himself to the whole family.  They boys name him Old Yeller (Spike) and the pooch quickly proves useful, rounding up hogs and cattle and guarding the homestead against pesky raccoons and fierce wolves. But will Yeller stick around for good?

Why we love it

Based on the beloved children’s novel by Fred Gipson, Disney doesn’t take a wrong step in bringing this warm-hearted tale to life. McGuire makes for the perfect frontier mom, tough but fair, and both boys are remarkably natural. But the star is undoubtedly Spike, the canny canine with a slew of facial expressions and an outsized personality. Eternal themes of responsibility, loyalty and loss are explored in this timeless classic that will bring tears to the eyes of all who love animals…and movies!

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