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North by Northwest

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North by Northwest

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What's it About

By chance, martini-swilling adman Roger Thornhill (Grant) is mistaken for a top spy, and set up for murder. He then finds himself in the unfamiliar position of fugitive, criss-crossing the country in search of the real culprit, his only chance of survival. Along the way, he meet the beautiful but mysterious Eve Kendall (Marie-Saint), who wants to help him. But is she who or what she seems?

Why we love it

Fifty years after release, "Northwest" provides gripping, colorful entertainment for the whole family, full of the Master's trademark twists and turns. Only Cary could undertake such a rugged and dangerous journey and keep looking marvelous with no change of clothes. Eva Marie-Saint is appropriately enigmatic and alluring as the icy blonde who may or may not be in his corner. But it's James Mason's treacherous turn as cold-blooded enemy agent Philip Vandamm that stays etched in your memory.