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No Bears

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No Bears

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What's it About

For a variety of supposed crimes, director Panahi is forbidden from leaving Iran, so directs his latest film remotely, with DP Reza (Heydari) on set just over the Turkish border. His film concerns a couple (Penjei and Kavani) trying to escape to Europe, and freedom. Panahi remains stuck in a rustic village, where locals treat him with a mix of respect and suspicion. His camera gets him into trouble, capturing a secret meeting between young lovers that causes a local crisis. Meanwhile, as the film shoot continues, lines between art and reality blur as the actors question their purpose, recognizing their characters’ plight mirrors their own.

Why we love it

Here’s yet another fascinating narrative/documentary hybrid from the embattled yet defiant Panahi (“This Is Not A Film”), who finds ingenious ways to keep his craft — and his message — alive after years of harsh persecution from the Iranian government. Indeed, shortly after this film was shot, Panahi was imprisoned, prompting an international outcry. Operating on two parallel fronts, this deceptively simple tale explores the high price one pays to practice art in closed, oppressive societies. (The title refers to a superstition that keeps the townsfolk in their place.) Watch out for “Bears”!