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    My Love, Don't Cross That River

    My Love, Don't Cross That River  Poster
    My Love, Don't Cross That River  Poster





    My Love, Don't Cross That River

    What's it About

    Jo Byeong-man is approaching 100 years old and has been married to the 89 year old Kang Kye-yeol for 76 years.  They live in a modest riverside home in Gangwon Province, where they go about their daily chores with playful affection. As the seasons change and birthdays and holidays are celebrated with family, the couple gradually realizes that their enduring union is drawing to a close.

    Why we love it

    Visually stunning and emotionally powerful, this vérité love story was a blockbuster in South Korea, becoming the highest grossing independent documentary ever. Shot over a period of 15 months with remarkable tenderness and candor, “Love” explores the relentless march of time and immutability of death. It also provides a glimpse of a fading lifestyle; one senses the loss of tradition as well as a life. Be sure to bring  Kleenex!

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