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My Architect

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What's it About

Louis Kahn was a leading architect of his day, but led an unconventional private life. Though married with kids, he also fathered children out of wedlock with two other women. One of these women bore him a son, Nathaniel, who remembers his dad as a kindly older man who made only sporadic visits. Now grown, Nathaniel uses this film to penetrate the mystery surrounding the life and death of his brilliant father.

Why we love it

This is an engrossing and unexpectedly moving film; unusual for a documentary, it's less about the milestones of an influential architect's career than about a son's search for insight into the enigmatic, remote man who fathered him, using the elder Kahn’s enduring professional legacy as a starting point. Ultimately, it's a very human story, which most viewers should find edifying and uplifting (regardless of their interest in architecture).