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Mulholland Drive

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Mulholland Drive

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What's it About

Fresh off a plane from small-town Canada, perky aspiring actress Betty (Watts) arrives at her aunt's LA apartment to find an amnesiac young woman (Harring) cowering inside. Over the next 24 hours, Betty attempts to help the injured girl (dubbed "Rita") piece together what happened, while also auditioning for hotshot director Adam Keshner (Theroux). When the blonde wannabe and the brunette femme fatale make a gruesome discovery, they bump square into detective Harry McKnight (Forster), who's hunting a killer.

Why we love it

Bizarre, hypnotic, and darkly dreamlike, this enigmatic mystery from "Blue Velvet" director Lynch cloaks the City of Dreams in a lush, noirish atmosphere, wringing every last drop of weirdness from its tricky double-narrative structure. Conceived as a series for ABC (imagine that!), "Drive" may elude straightforward logic, but keeps us hooked with the jolting appearance of strangers, corpses, odd changes of identities, and a voyeuristic sex scene that manages to be both disturbing and intensely erotic. Watts gives a particularly intriguing performance as alluring innocent Betty. Spooky and irresistible, "Drive" delivers a deliciously creepy take on Hollywood ambition.