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Teenagers Ellis (Sheridan) and Neckbone (Lofland) explore the Mississippi river delta in search of a rumor: an abandoned boat marooned on a remote island. When they find the boat washed up in a tree, they also discover a man named Mud (McConaughey) who claims the boat as his home. Charming and more than a little mysterious, Mud regales the boys with stories of death and murder. It turns out his yarns are more than just stories  the boys eventually learn that Mud’s wanted by the police, and a band of brutal bounty hunters are also interested in locating him. Still, Ellis in particular likes his new friend; and so he tries to reunite the fugitive with his girlfriend, Juniper (Witherspoon).

Why we love it

Nichols’s third feature is a charming blend of Southern Gothic romance, mythic fable and coming of age story. The combination works thanks to lived-in performances from his juvenile players (with Sheridan a stand-out), and a tantalizing turn from Witherspoon. Yet the film belongs to the charismatic McConaughey, who jumps right off the screen in the title role. The gorgeous cinematography vividly evokes a sense of place; you can almost feel the buzzing heat of an Arkansas summer. Lyrical and deeply authentic, “Mud” is a smart, involving yarn you won’t soon forget — and just wait for that thrilling finish.

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