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Mr. Bachmann and His Class

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Mr. Bachmann and His Class

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What's it About

The town of Stadtallendorf, one hour north of Frankfurt, is home to a large population of immigrants from countries like Turkey and Bulgaria. The lucky children of some of them wind up in Dieter Bachmann’s sixth grade classroom. Over roughly three and a half hours, we get to know these young people as they interact with their teacher, who’s nearing retirement. Bachmann recognizes the immense pressure they feel to absorb a new language and culture. With patience and compassion, he helps them cope and advance against stiff odds.

Why we love it

Long but immensely rewarding (feel free to watch it in two parts), this absorbing, touching doc captures a gifted educator enhancing the lives and prospects of students struggling to adapt to a new country. With his love of rock music and funky caps, Bachmann defies the traditional image of an educator, but the close bond he develops with his pupils is undeniable-and utterly inspiring. In one scene, he confides to a colleague about his regrets (a failed marriage) and satisfactions. Once, at the point of quitting, Dieter suddenly realized he had a gift, and his job became a vocation. Are good teachers that important? Enter Mr. Bachmann’s class, and you’ll find out.