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Miller's Crossing

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Miller's Crossing

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What's it About

Leo O'Bannion (Finney) is a crime boss with a big problem: his girlfriend's brother Bernie (Turturro) has cheated the head of the rival Italian gang, who wants Bernie dead. Leo lets his love for Verna (Harden) interfere with his business sense, and resolves to protect Bernie, even if it means starting a war. This decision puts Leo's trusted lieutenant Tom Reagan (Byrne) on the outs with his mentor, but Tom steadily works to put things right behind the scenes.

Why we love it

A sharp, innovative send-up of everything from "The Public Enemy" to "The Godfather," Joel and Ethan Coen's brilliant "Crossing" has enough surprising twists, gnarled plotlines, and double crosses to fill several noir movies. Byrne is excellent as Tom, a loyal, boozing mobster whose inveterate gambling and torrid affair with the boss's girl (Harden, in her debut), eventually land him in hot water with Finney's Leo. Coen’s fave Turturro also has a brilliant turn as the weaselly Bernie. Evocative, clever, and beautifully played, "Crossing" is an under-rated homage to the gangster movies perfected by Warners in the 1930s.