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Loves of a Blonde

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Loves of a Blonde

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What's it About

In one small Czech town, women outnumber the men by a healthy margin, so when a detachment of soldiers arrive, the town puts on a party to display all their eligible young ladies. But lovely blonde Andula (Brejchova) betrays no weakness for these awkward men in uniform, preferring the company of handsome, sweet talking band member Milda (Pucholt). Once he has his way with her, however, Milda promptly departs for Prague, where he still lives with his parents. But he's under-estimated his conquest, who promptly tracks down her new-found lover, and moves in with him and his family, creating some claustrophobically comic situations.

Why we love it

Director Forman's breakthrough feature in his native country portrays a warm, affecting humanity even as it lampoons the inherent awkwardness and mystery of relations between the sexes. In all, this deceptively simple, charming story tackles the complex question of how love can function in a dysfunctional world. Both young leads are enormously appealing, particularly Brejchova, and those parents of Milda's are also worth the wait. All in all, this is one blonde that's easy to love.

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