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Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation

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What's it About

At a hotel bar in contemporary Tokyo, lonely twenty-something Charlotte (Johansson) meets jaded, middle-aged actor Bob Harris (Murray), who's in town shooting a high-end whiskey ad for big bucks. All but abandoned by her narcissistic photographer husband, John (Ribisi), who brought her along on his work trip, Charlotte is bored, unhappy, and vulnerable, and finds an unlikely soulmate in the equally disillusioned Bob.

Why we love it

Coppola's second venture in the director's chair after "The Virgin Suicides" is a subtle triumph for all concerned: a delightful, quirky film that feels fresh, funny, and slightly otherworldly. As isolated travelers in a wholly foreign place who somehow find each other, Johansson and Murray have a winning chemistry that provides the heady emotional charge of "Lost." Coppola's unique way of photographing the neon-drenched Japanese capital and her dreamy, atmospheric tone perfectly captures the feeling of being blissfully out of sorts. Spend an evening in the company of Charlotte and Bob, and you'll find yourself thinking: let's get "Lost." 

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