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Local Hero

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Local Hero

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What's it About

A large Texas oil and gas company wants to purchase a small Scottish town and turn it into a refinery. The company sends Mac (Riegert), the proverbial smooth salesman, to negotiate with the locals. Any hopes of closing the deal quickly evaporate as Mac is forced to adjust to the more leisurely rhythms of the town's natives. Just when it seems the residents are ready to sign off, an unexpected wrinkle arises. To bring matters to a head, Mr. Happer (Lancaster), the company's remote, eccentric leader, helicopters in for a personal visit. But is oil the only thing on Happer's mind?

Why we love it

Bursting with personality and charm, Bill Forsyth's "Hero" is a touching fable about finding magic in the everyday business of living. Riegert is spot-on as Mac, a somewhat cynical young man who thinks he understands his purpose in the world, only to get gradually transformed by a special time and place. A charming Lancaster dominates every scene he's in as the star-struck Happer. This sleeper is "heroic" indeed: a movie with heart and spirit that sneaks up on you.

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