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Williams (Nighy) is a formal, taciturn civil servant in 1950s London. His co-workers, including newcomer Peter (Sharp), view him with a mix of fear and respect. Then a grim diagnosis makes Williams question his life’s meaning. Very much out of character, he goes on a binge with bohemian barfly Sutherland (Burke), then befriends the pretty, plucky Margaret (Wood), the sole female member of his team. All the while he’s searching for a way to leave a positive mark on a world he’ll be leaving soon.

Why we love it

Here writer Kazuo Ishiguro (“The Remains of the Day”) adapts Akira Kurosawa’s classic 1952 film “Ikiru,”  moving the story from post-war Tokyo to starchy, conformist 1950s London. A bold move given the original film’s brilliance, “Living” scores as both an evocative period film and a touching human drama. Obviously Nighy’s character takes center stage, and his subtle, affecting performance earned him an Oscar nod. The rest of the cast shines too, particularly Wood as a vibrant young woman bewildered by her boss’ sudden interest in her. For a film about death that celebrates life, try “Living.”