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What's it About

Cameron (Gaffigan) is losing his way. The kiddie science show he started is getting a new face, a former astronaut named Kent (also Gaffigan). Cameron’s wife Erin (Seehorn) wants a divorce, and precocious daughter Nora (Nacon) is in the throes of adolescence. In the midst of this, a satellite lands in their backyard. Recalling his own dreams of becoming an astronaut, Cameron uses the satellite parts to build a rocket in his garage. Meanwhile, odd things keep happening. Is it all in Cameron’s mind?

Why we love it

This quirky fantasy about a middle aged man trying to regain his footing in life is elevated by winning performances, retro production design, and a surprise-laden script that takes you to weird, unexpected places. Comic actor Gaffigan carries the film in a dual role, and Seehorn delivers a poignant turn as a wife and mother under strain. Nacon and Rush are also beguiling as two teen misfits who discover an unexpected kinship. Just wait for the twist ending; it’s a mind-blower. For something completely different, try “Linoleum.”