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    Lady and the Tramp

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    Lady and the Tramp

    What's it About

    Classy, well-pawed cocker spaniel Lady (Luddy) is a little dismayed with her owners, who're expecting a newborn, but her domestic life is really riled with the arrival of evil Siamese cats Si and Am. Downcast, she hits the streets, where she's rescued from a pack of canine toughs by a scampy, streetwise mutt Tramp (Roberts), who then accompanies her for a night on the town. Thus begins an adventurous, heartwarmingly contentious love affair.

    Why we love it

    One of Disney’s most endearing family classics, “Tramp” is a marvel of lively animation, bright voice acting, and sensational songwriting, courtesy of the inimitable Peggy Lee (who also voices the sinister twin kitties, Si and Am.) Watching a pampered female pooch fall for a déclassé but charismatic male doggie is not only fun but enlightening about the magic of mutual attraction. And the famous spaghetti-slurping scene leading to a surprise first kiss is charming no matter how many times you view it. Highlights include the vamp-y “He’s a Tramp” and “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.”

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