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What's it About

At a large, suburban home, aging hippie Krisha (Fairchild) shows up late to her family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Having been estranged for over a decade and struggling with a history of alcohol and drug abuse, she desperately wants to make amends with her wary, shell-shocked relatives. Despite her attempts to fit in, old resentments- and temptations- linger. Her son Trey (Schults) wants nothing to do with her, and Krisha’s chance at forgiveness seems slim.

Why we love it

Paying homage to the great John Cassavetes, Shults recounts with unwavering intensity how one relative’s self-destructive behavior can wound and splinter a whole family. The script is inspired by elements from his own life, and many of his own family members appear in the film (including his aunt Krisha Fairchild, whose raw performance is mesmerizing). Watching this drama is akin to witnessing a horrible accident in slow motion. Too often, families hide these painful, tragic stories. Here Shults courageously brings his own family’s ordeal into a harsh, piercing light.