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King Solomon's Mines

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King Solomon's Mines

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What's it About

When a hunter disappears in wild, uncharted parts while searching for the fabled mines of King Solomon, rugged adventurer Allan Quartermain (Granger) is hired by the man's wife, Elizabeth (Kerr), to lead an expedition to find him. Of course, both Elizabeth and her brother John (Carlson) insist on accompanying the group into the jungle, and despite misgivings, Quartermain reluctantly agrees.

Why we love it

Shot on location in Africa, and featuring the winning team of Granger and Kerr, "Mines" is a handsome, pounding adventure film with plenty of thrills and romance. Thanks to spectacular camerawork by Oscar winner Robert Surtees, the movie is indispensable purely on a visual level, but Granger and Kerr emit powerful screen chemistry too, which makes the epic journey — including snakes, spiders, lions, rhinos, and assorted African tribes — that much more exhilarating.