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    What's it About

    Billy Caspar (Bradley), the runt of his family, lives in near-poverty in late 1960s Northern England. He’s bullied by his dissatisfied coal-miner brother Jud (Fletcher), ignored by his single mother (Perrie), and failing in school. His life seems completely without direction, until one day he catches a fledgling kestrel and takes it upon himself to train the bird. In the process, he finds new purpose amidst a dead-end existence.

    Why we love it

    Ken Loach’s evocation of a boy’s coming-of-age manages to be touching and tender while never shying from the grit and despair of working-class British life. Bradley’s debut performance as Billy really grabs you; the young boy’s natural, mischievous charisma is evident from the very first frame. His increasingly close relationship with his titular feathered friend is heartbreaking, and only grows as we observe his increasingly close relationship with Kes, his feathered friend. Loach, ever concerned with capturing the social milieu of his native land, fashions both a flavorful, authentic portrait of one struggling community, and a soaring tale of one boy’s hope.

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