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Jupiter's Wife 

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Jupiter's Wife 

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What's it About

In this fascinating documentary, filmmaker Michel Negroponte attempts to piece together the troubled past of Maggie, a seemingly lucid, intelligent homeless woman who lives in Central Park with a motley group of adopted dogs. Maggie claims she is the daughter of actor Robert Ryan and the wife of the Greek deity Jupiter, but the truth proves to be even stranger. 

Why we love it

Billed as a "real-life mystery," Negroponte's film is actually a very personal testimonial about his two-year friendship with the eccentric Maggie whose intermittent revelations always raise more questions than they answer. Maggie turns out to have an illustrious connection to the park that once landed her on television. But it's her quiet struggle for a peaceful life amid the harshness of winter and Park Service harassment that captivates. Join "Jupiter's Wife" for an intimate journey to unexpected inner places.

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